Physics Class 9 Chapter 9 MCQs Test

9th Class Physics Chapter 9 TRANSFER OF HEAT MCQs Related To In Solids-Heat Is Transferred By, In Gases-Heat Is Mainly Transferred By, False Ceiling Is Done To, What Happens To The Thermal Conductivity Of A Wall If Its Thickness Is Doubled, Metals Are Good Conductor Of Heat Due To The, Convection Of Heat Is The Process Of Heat Transfer Due To The …… Of The Molecules, Styrofoam Is A, Land Breeze Blows From, Rooms Are Heated Using Gas Heaters By, Which Of The Following Is A Good Radiator Of Heat, Unit Of Thermal Conductivity Is:

Class 9 Physics Chapter 9 TRANSFER OF HEAT MCQs TEST:

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Chapter 9 – Transfer of Heat

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In solids, heat is transferred by?

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In gases, heat is mainly transferred by?

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False ceiling is done to?

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What happens to the thermal conductivity of a wall if its thickness is doubled?

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Metals are good conductor of heat due to the?

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Convection of heat is the process of heat transfer due to the ...... of the molecules?

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Styrofoam is a?

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Land breeze blows from?

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Rooms are heated using gas heaters by?

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Which of the following is a good radiator of heat?

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Unit of thermal conductivity is?

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