Physics Class 9 Chapter 7 MCQs Test

9th Class Physics Chapter 7 PROPERTIES OF MATTER MCQs Related To According To Hooke’s Law, The Density Of A Substance Can Be Found With The Help Of, According To Archimedes, Upthrust Is Equal To, What Should Be The Approximate Length Of A Glass Tube To Construct A Water Barometer, SI Unit Of Pressure Is Pascal, Which Is Equal To, Which Of The Substances Is The Lightest One, In Which Of The Following State, Molecules Do Not Leave Their Position:

Class 9 Physics Chapter 7 PROPERTIES OF MATTER MCQs TEST:

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Chapter 7 – Properties of Matter

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According to Hooke's law?

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The density of a substance can be found with the help of?

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According to Archimedes, upthrust is equal to?

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What should be the approximate length of a glass tube to construct a water barometer?

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SI unit of pressure is Pascal, which is equal to?

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Which of the substances is the lightest one?

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In which of the following state, molecules do not leave their position?

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