Physics Class 9 Chapter 6 MCQs Test

9th Class Physics Chapter 6 WORK & ENERGY MCQs Related To Rate Of Doing Work Is Called, In Einstein’s Mass-Energy Equation, C Is The, The Energy Stored In A Dam Is, The Energy Stored In Coal Is, When A Body Is Lifted Through A Height ‘H’, The Work Done On It Appears In The Form Of Its, Which One Of The Following Converts Light Energy Into Electrical Energy, The Kinetic Energy Of A Body Of Mass 2 Kg Is 25 J. Its Speed Is, The Work Done In Lifting A Brick Of Mass 2 Kg Through A Height Of 5 M Above The Ground Will Be, If The Velocity Of A Body Becomes Double, Then Its Kinetic Energy Will, IF The Direction Of Motion Of The Force Is Perpendicular To The Direction Of Motion Of The Body, Then Work Done Will Be, The Work Done Will Be Zero When The Angle Between Force And Distance Is:

Class 9 Physics Chapter 6 WORK & ENERGY MCQs TEST:

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Chapter 6 – Work & Energy

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Rate of doing work is called?

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In Einstein's mass-energy equation, c is the?

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The energy stored in a dam is?

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The energy stored in coal is?

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When a body is lifted through a height 'H', the work done on it appears in the form of its?

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Which one of the following converts light energy into electrical energy?

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The Kinetic energy of a body of mass 2 kg is 25 J. Its speed is?

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The work done in lifting a brick of mass 2 kg through a height of 5 m above the ground will be?

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If the velocity of a body becomes double, then its kinetic energy will?

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IF the direction of motion of the force is perpendicular to the direction of motion of the body, then work done will be?

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The work done will be zero when the angle between force and distance is?

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