Physics Class 9 Chapter 3 MCQs Test

9th Class Physics Chapter 3 DYNAMICS MCQs Related to Inertia Depends Upon, When Horse Pulls A Cart, The Action Is On The-Which Of The Following Is The Unit Of Momentum, A Boy Jumps Out Of A Moving Bus-There Is A Danger For Him To Fall, A String Is Stretched By Two Equal And Opposite Forces Of 10 N Each-The Tension In The String Is, The Mass Of A Body, Which Of The Following Material Lowers Friction When Pushed Between Metal Plates, Newton’s First Law Of Motion Is Valid Only In The Absence Of:

Class 9 Physics Chapter 3 DYNAMICS MCQs TEST:

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Chapter 3 – Dynamics

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Inertia depends upon ?

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When horse pulls a cart, the action is on the?

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Which of the following is the unit of momentum?

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A boy jumps out of a moving bus. There is a danger for him to fall?

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A string is stretched by two equal and opposite forces of 10 N each. The tension in the string is?

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The mass of a body ?

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Which of the following material lowers friction when pushed between metal plates?

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Newton’s first law of motion is valid only in the absence of?

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