Physics Class 9 Chapter 1 MCQs Test

9th class Physics Chapter 1 PHYSICAL QUANTITIES & MEASUREMENT MCQs related to Which One Of The Following Unit Is Not A Derived Unit, The Number Of Base Units In SI Are, Significant Figures In An Expression Are, Identify The Base Quantity In The Following, A Measuring Cylinder Is Used To Measure, Which Instrument Is Most Suitable To Measure The Internal Diameter Of A Test Tube, A Student Claimed The Diameter Of A Wire As 1.032 Cm Using Vernier Calipers. Up To ‘What Extent Do You Agree With It, Which One Of The Following Is The Smallest Quantity, Amount Of A Substance In Terms Of Numbers Is Measured In:

Class 9 Physics Chapter 1 Physical Quantities & Measurement MCQs TEST:

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Chapter 1 – Physical Quantities & Measurement

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Which one of the following unit is not a derived unit?

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The number of base units in SI are:

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Significant figures in an expression are?

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Identify the base quantity in the following?

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A measuring cylinder is used to measure?

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A student claimed the diameter of a wire as 1.032 cm using Vernier calipers. Up to ‘what extent do you agree with it?

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Which instrument is most suitable to measure the internal diameter of a test tube?

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Which one of the following is the smallest quantity?

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Amount of a substance in terms of numbers is measured in?

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