Physics Class 10 Chapter 18 MCQs Test

Physics Class 10 Chapter 18 ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR PHYSICS MCQs related to Hazards Of Radiation For Humans Are, The Temperature Of The Centre Of Sun Is, When Two Light Nuclei Combine To Form N Heavier Nucleus-This Process Is Called, The Half-Life Of C-14 Is, Which Compound Is Used For Diagnosis Of Brain Tumor, Which Compound Readily Accumulates In The Thyroid Gland And Can Be Used For Monitoring Of Thyroid Functioning, Which Are Chemical Compounds Containing Some Quantity Of Radioisotope, The Rate Of Radioactive Decay Is Proportional To The Number Of, The Phenomenon By Which Radiations Split Matter Into Positive And Negative Ions Is Called, Gamma Rays Are Also Called, Who Accidentally Discovered That Uranium Salt Crystals Emit An Invisible Radiation That Can Darken A Photographic Plate, Tritium Contains One Proton, While Protium And Deuterium Contains, Isotopes Of An Element Have The Same, In Which Simplest Atom-Nucleus Has Only One Proton, ………Are Collectively Called Nucleons, Rutherford Discovered That The Positive Charge In An Atom Was Concentrated In A Small Region Called, Atoms Of The Element Which Have Same Number Of Protons But Different Number Of Neutrons Are, The Total Number Of Protons In A Nucleus Or Total Number Of Electrons In The Orbits Is, The Total Number Of Nucleons In A Nucleus Is, A Nucleon Is………Times Heavier Than Electron:

10th Class Physics Chapter 18 ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR PHYSICS MCQs TEST:

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Chapter 18 – Atomic and Nuclear Physics

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Hazards of radiation for humans are?

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The temperature of the centre of sun is?

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When two light nuclei combine to form n heavier nucleus, this process is called?

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The half -life of C-14 is?

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Which compound is used for diagnosis of brain tumor?

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Which compound readily accumulates in the thyroid gland and can be used for monitoring of thyroid functioning

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Which are chemical compounds containing some quantity of radioisotope?

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The rate of radioactive decay is proportional to the number of?

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The phenomenon by which radiations split matter into positive and negative ions is called?

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Gamma rays are also called?

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Who accidentally discovered that uranium salt crystals emit an invisible radiation that can darken a photographic plate?

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Tritium contains one proton, while protium and deuterium contains?

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1sotopes of an element have the same?

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In which simplest atom, nucleus has only one proton?

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.........are collectively called nucleons?

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Rutherford discovered that the positive charge in an atom was concentrated in a small region called?

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Atoms of the element which have same number of protons but different number of neutrons are?

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The total number of protons in a nucleus or total number of electrons in the orbits is?

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The total number of nucleons in a nucleus is?

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A nucleon is.........times heavier than electron?

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