Physics Class 10 Chapter 17 MCQs Test

Physics Class 10 Chapter 17  INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY MCQs related to The Speed Of Sound In Air Is, The Mouthpiece Of Telephone Contains Thin Metal Diaphragm And Granules Of, The Most Important Of Hardware Of Computer System Is, Cell Phone Transmission Are Made With, Major Components Of CBIS Are, Telephones Sent Voice In The Form Of, Alexander Graham Bell In 1876 Made A, The Essential Part Of Any Communication System Is, In Telephone, Information Is Sent In The Form Of Signals Through, Who Design And Operate The Software And Feed Input Data-Build The Hardware For The Smooth Running Of Any CBIS, Which Refers To Computer Programs And The Manuals That Support Them, Which Are Facts That Are Used By Programs To Produce Useful Information, Which Technology Is Used In Mobile Phone, Which Technology Is Used In Videophone, The Transfer Of Information From One Place To Another Through Different Electronic And Optical Equipment Is, In Computer Terminology-Processed Data Is Called, Which Is Basically An Electronic Based System Of Information Transmission-Reception-Processing And Retrieval, The Method Used To Communicate Information To Far Off Places Instantly Is Called, The Term Refers To Machinery In Computer Terminology Is Supports Equipments Of Hardware Are:


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Chapter 17 – Information and Communication Technology

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The speed of sound in air is ?

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The mouthpiece of telephone contains thin metal diaphragm and granules of?

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The most important of hardware of computer system is?

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Cell phone transmission are made with.....?

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Major Components of CBIS are?

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Telephones sent voice in the form of?

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Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 made a ?

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The essential part of any communication system is ?

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In telephone, information is sent in the form of signals through?

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Who design and operate the software and feed input data, build the hardware for the smooth running of any CBIS?

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Which refers to computer programs and the manuals that support them?

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Which are facts that are used by programs to produce useful information?

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Which technology is used in mobile phone?

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Which technology is used in videophone?

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The transfer of information from one place to another through different electronic and optical equipment is?

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In computer terminology, processed data is called?

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Which is basically an electronic based system of information transmission, reception, processing and retrieval?

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The method used to communicate information to far off places instantly is called?

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The term refers to machinery in computer terminology is?

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Supports equipments of hardware are?

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Which source has shortened the distances and has brought in contact the whole I world?

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