Physics Class 10 Chapter 16 MCQs Test

Physics Class 10 Chapter 16 BASIC ELECTRONICS MCQs related to Circuits Which Convert The Digital Signal Into Analogue Signals, Which Of The Following Are Digital Devices, Electronics Which Provides The Data In The Form Of Maximum And Minimum Voltage Signals, Which Of The Following Is An Analogue Device, Those Quantities Whose Value Vary Continuously Or Remain Constant, The Quantities Whose Value Vary In Non -Continuous Manner Are Called, Time-Pressure-Distance Are All, Analogue Quantities Are, To Find The Depth Of Sea-Beds C.R.O Is Used As, Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope (C.R.O) Is Used In Many Field Of Science For, The Screen Of A Cathode-Ray Tube Consists Of A Thin Layer Of, Electron Gun Has An Electrode For Controlling The Flow Of Electron In The Beam, A Component Of Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope (C.R.O) Is, The Degree Of Deflection Of Electrons From Their Original Direction Is Proportional To, Electron Gun Is Used To Investigate The Properties Of, For Thermionic Emission Typical Values Of Voltage And Current Used Are, Metals Contain Large Number Of, The Process Of Emission Of Electrons From The Hot Metal Surface Is Called, Cathode Rays Contain Negatively Charged Particles Called-Who Observed The Deflection Of Cathode Rays By Both Electric And Magnetic Fields:

10th Class Physics Chapter 16 BASIC ELECTRONICS MCQs TEST:

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Chapter 16 – Basic Electronics

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Circuits which convert the digital signal into analogue signals?

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Which of the following are digital devices?

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Electronics which provides the data in the form of maximum and minimum voltage signals?

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Which of the following is an analogue device?

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Those quantities whose value vary continuously or remain constant?

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The quantities whose value vary in non -continuous manner are called?

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Time, pressure, distance are all?

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Analogue quantities are?

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To find the depth of sea-beds, C.R.O is used as?

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Cathode-ray oscilloscope (C.R.O) is used in many field of science for?

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The screen of a cathode-ray tube consists of a thin layer of?

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Electron gun has an electrode for controlling the flow of electron in the beam?

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A component of cathode-ray oscilloscope (C.R.O) is?

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The degree of deflection of electrons from their original direction Is proportional to?

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Electron gun Is used to Investigate the properties of?

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For thermionic emission typical values of voltage and current used are?

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Metals contain large number of?

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The process of emission of electrons from the hot metal surface Is called?

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Cathode rays contain negatively charged particles called?

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Who observed the deflection of cathode rays by both electric and magnetic fields?

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