Physics Class 10 Chapter 12 MCQs Test

Physics Class 10 Chapter 12 GEOMETRICAL OPTICS MCQs related to Plank Suggested That Light Consists Of Small Packets Of Energy Called, Lens Thick At The Centre But Thin At The Edges Is, The Lens Which Causes Incident Parallel Rays To Converge At A Point Is, Lenses Are Used In Optical Devices, In Lens Number Of Curved Surfaces At Least, The Distance Between The Optical Centre And The Principal Focus Is, For A Concave Lens, The Parallel Rays Appear To Come From A Point Behind The Lens Is Called, The Line Passing Through The Two Centres Of Curvatures Of The Lens Is Called, The Distance From The Pole To The Principal Focus Measured Along The Principal Axis Is, A Line Joining Centre Of Curvature And Pole Of The Spherical Mirror Is, Vertex Is The Midpoint Of The Curved Surface Of Spherical Mirror Is Also Called, Which Statement Is Correct About Convex Mirror, A Spherical Mirror Whose Outer Curved Surfaces Reflecting Is Called, Which Statement Is Incorrect About Concave Mirror, In Concave Mirror The Surface Is Reflecting, The Rough Surfaces Of Object Reflect The Rays Of Light In Many Directions Is Called, Regular Reflection Is Reflection By The, The Incident Ray-The Normal-And The Reflected Ray At The Point Of Incidence All Lie In The, The Angle Between The Normal And The Reflected Ray Is Called Angle Of, The Angle Between Incident Ray And Normal N Is:

10th Class Physics Chapter 12 GEOMETRICAL OPTICS MCQs TEST:

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Chapter 12 - Geometrical Optics

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Plank suggested that light consists of small packets of energy called?

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Lens thick at the centre but thin at the edges is?

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The lens which causes incident parallel rays to converge at a point is?

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Lenses are used in optical devices?

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In lens number of curved surfaces at least?

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The distance between the optical centre and the principal focus is?

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For a concave lens, the parallel rays appear to come from a point behind the lens is called?

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The line passing through the two centres of curvatures of the lens is called?

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The distance from the pole to the principal focus measured along the principal axis is?

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A line joining centre of curvature and pole of the spherical mirror is?

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Vertex is the midpoint of the curved surface of spherical mirror is also called?

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Which statement is correct about convex mirror?

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A spherical mirror whose outer curved surfaces reflecting is called?

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Which statement is incorrect about concave mirror?

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In concave mirror the surface is reflecting?

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The rough surfaces of object reflect the rays of light in many directions is called?

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Regular reflection is reflection by the?

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The incident ray, the normal, and the reflected ray at the point of incidence all lie in the?

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The angle between the normal and the reflected ray is called angle of?

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The angle between incident ray and normal N is?

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