Organic Chemistry MCQs of 60 plus Questions

Organic Chemistry is the Chemistry of Organic Chemicals, Organic Synthesis, important Organic Compound Examples, use of Organic compounds, types of Organic compounds, Organic compounds Examples everyday life, basic Organic Chemistry, Types of organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry functional groups and organic Chemistry Examples. Organic chemistry notes with MCQs related to different organic chemistry topics and organic chemistry reactions. The use of organic Chemistry Questions also helps to further increase your knowledge in advanced organic chemistry, the fundamentals of organic Chemistry and the introduction of organic chemistry. Daily use application of organic chemistry to solve our problems in life also increase the importance of organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry MCQs deal with Formaldehyde On Reacting With Grignard Reagent Gives, A Common OH Protecting Group Is, Addition Of Grignard Reagent To Aldehydes Except Formaldehyde Produce, Reaction Of Organometallic Reagents With Epoxide Gives, To Prepare A Tertiary Alcohol,An Organometallic Reagent Must Be Reacted With, Which Of The Following Organometallic Compounds Gives 1-4 Addition Products, 1-4-Addition Reaction Is Another Name Used For, Which One Of The Following Reaction Led To The Formation Of Epoxide As The Product, Which One Of The Following Reaction Led To Production Of Primary Alcohols, Which One Of The Following Reactions Involve The Process Of Condensation, The Product Of Mannich Reaction Have Two Functional Groups Which Are, Which One Is An Addition Reaction, Alpha Hydrogen Containing Compound Can Give All Reactions Except, The Best Medium For Mannich Reaction Is, Organometallic React With Aldehyde To Form, Organometallic React With Carboxylic Acid Derivatives To Form, Organometallic React With Carbon Dioxide To Form, Organometallic React With Formaldehyde To Form, Organometallic React With Ketones To Form, An Organometallic Compound Is A Compound That Contains:

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Organic Chemistry MCQs

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Formaldehyde on reacting with grignard reagent gives?

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A common OH protecting group is?

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Addition of grignard reagent to aldehydes except formaldehyde produce?

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Reaction of organometallic reagents with epoxide gives ?

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To prepare a tertiary alcohal,an organometallic reagent must be reacted with?

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Which of the following organometallic compounds gives 1-4 addition products?

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1,4-Addition reaction is another name used for?

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Which one of the following reaction led to the formation of epoxide as the product?

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Which one of the following reaction led to production of Primary alcohols?

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Which one of the following reactions involve the process of condensation?

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The product of mannich reaction have two functional groups which are?

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Which one is an addition reaction?

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Alpha hydrogen containing compound can give all reactions except?

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The best medium for mannich reaction is?

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Organometallic react with aldehyde to form?

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Organometallic react with carboxylic acid derivatives to form?

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Organometallic react with carbon dioxide to form?

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Organometallic react with formaldehyde to form?

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Organometallic react with ketones to form?

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An organometallic compound is a compound that contains?

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