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Object Oriented Programming MCQs deal with Java Object Oriented Programming Concepts Is/Are, …….. Inheritance Is Not Supported By Java, …….. Keyword Is Used To Create An Object In Java, Runtime Polymorphism Feature In Java Is, Compile Time Polymorphism Is Called, Division Operator Has …… Precedence Over Multiplication Operator, Hiding The Complexity In Program Is Known As, ……. Are Used To Document A Program And Improve Its Readability, Which Is The Alternative To Switch In Java Language, In Java Language, An Array Index Starts With, Which Are The Special Symbols Used To Declare An Array In Java, Java Is ………Language, Which Method Can Set Or Change The Text In A Label, What Is The Name Of The Swing Class That Is Used For Frames, Java Text Field Can Allow The Editing Of ……. Text, Constructor Have Which Type Of Return Data Type, Which Sorting Technique Is Also Called Exchange Sort:

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Object Oriented Programming MCQs

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Java object oriented programming concepts is/are ?

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........ inheritance is not supported by java?

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........ keyword is used to create an object in java?

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Runtime polymorphism feature in java is ?

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Compile time polymorphism is called ?

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Division operator has ...... precedence over multiplication operator?

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Hiding the complexity in program is known as ?

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....... are used to document a program and improve its readability?

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Which is the alternative to switch in java language?

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In java language, an array index starts with ........?

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Which are the special symbols used to declare an array in java?

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Java is .........language?

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Which method can set or change the text in a label?

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What is the name of the swing class that is used for frames?

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Java text field can allow the editing of ....... text?

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Constructor have which type of return data type?

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Which sorting technique is also called exchange sort?

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Object Oriented Programming MCQs with Answers

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