Digital logic Design MCQs of 50 plus Questions

Digital logic Design MCQs make students of undergraduate level familiar with different types of logic gates(xor gate), basic of logic gates, fundamentals of digital logic, digital logic design real life applications, Digital logic circuit Examples, combinational logic circuits, number systems and study of various digital systems. DLD in computer science has also a great role in the development of different things and digital logic design for computer science students has its unique value in modern life of study. After this DLD MCQs course, students have a complete understanding of digital logic circuit analysis and design, digital electronics and advanced digital logic design. Digital logic design book MCQs can be used for digital logic design notes, digital logic design software and digital logic design projects.

Digital Logic Design Quiz Outline

Number Systems MCQs, Number Systems and Codes MCQs, Logic Gates, Digital Circuits and Operational Characteristics, Boolean Algebra and Logic Simplification, Karnaugh Map and Boolean Expression Simplification, Comparator, Counter, Adder, Subtractor, Encoder, Decoder, Multiplexer, De-multiplexers-R Latch, Flip-Flops, Shift Registers, Memory, Analog to Digital Converters

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Digital logic Design MCQs

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The full form of cml is .....?

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Sometimes ECL can also be named as.....?


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In an ECL the output is taken from ........?

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The ECL behaves as .........?

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The logical sum of two or more logical product terms is called?

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Entries known as ......... mapping?

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Ssi refers to ..........?

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MSI means ............?

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Msi includes ......... gates per chip?

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All input neither of nor as low produces result as ........?

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In dtl logic gating function is performed by ........?

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How many stages a dtl consist of?

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The dtl propagation delay is relatively .......?

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The full form of ECL is .........?

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which logic is the fastest of all the logic families?

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