Computer Science class 9 MCQs Quiz

Computer science 9th class MCQs for SSC Part I students are created as per the past papers for your preparation to get good marks. Computer science book for class 9 selected by those students who want to continue their studies in best Computer science degree. These all Chapter questions with answers will help you to learn computer science online and improve your knowledge as a ninth-standard student. These days, Computer information is so compulsory to survive in this modern technology world.

9th class Computer science book is a great material to learn definitions, its types, guide as per new syllabus, related courses, preparing notes associated with computer science MCQs to solve exercises. Also, these tests will make you a better computer and information science student for your future study. Hope you will enjoy these best online quizzes and also be able for solving multiple choice type questions from the ninth class Computer science book. You can use these types of multiple choice questions for your annual board Exams. These questions will provide you with a complete idea for studying the basics of computer technology. These eight Chapters will create great confidence and ability of a shining student for 9th standard.

9th class Computer Science MCQs:

1. Introduction to Computer

2. Computer Components

3. Input Output Devices

4. Storage Device

5. Number Systems

6. Boolean Algebra

7. Computer Software

8. Introduction To Windows