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Computer Graphics MCQs deal with Refreshing Is Not Needed In Dvst Because Of The Presence Of , Dvst Stands For, The Standard Aspect Ratio For Pc Is, Intensity Representation Of An Image Is Called, Eps Image File Format Is Used For, Raster Graphics Are Composed Of, Vector Graphics Is Composed Of, The Refresh Rate Below Which A Picture Flicker Is, Identify The Odd One Out, Write An Example For Non-Impact Printer, Write An Example For Non-Emissive Displays, The ……….. Will Free The Cpu From Graphics Chores, Identify Impact Printer From The Following, In Raster Scan Display-The Frame Buffer Holds, In Random Scan Display-The Frame Buffer Holds, Identify The Odd One Out From The Following, Vector Display Is Well Suited For-Beam Penetration Method Is Usually Used In:

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Computer Graphics MCQs

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Refreshing is not needed in dvst because of the presence of ?

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Dvst stands for?

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The standard aspect ratio for pc is?

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Intensity representation of an image is called?

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Eps image file format is used for?

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Raster graphics are composed of?

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Vector graphics is composed of?

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The refresh rate below which a picture flicker is ?

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Identify the odd one out?

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Write an example for non-impact printer?

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Write an example for non-emissive displays?

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The ........... will free the cpu from graphics chores?

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Identify impact printer from the following?

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In raster scan display, the frame buffer holds ?

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In random scan display, the frame buffer holds?

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Identify the odd one out from the following?

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Vector display is well suited for?

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Beam penetration method is usually used in ?

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