Physics Class 9 Chapter 2 MCQs Test

9th Class Physics Chapter 2 KINEMATICS MCQs Related to A Change In Position Is Called, By Dividing Displacement Of A Moving Body With Time-We Obtain, A Straight Line Parallel To Time-Axis On A Distance-Time Graph Tells That The Object Is, If An Object Is Moving With Constant Speed Then Its Distance-Time Graph Will Be A Straight Line, Which Of The Following Is A Vector Quantity, The Motion Of A Body Around An Axis Is Called Motion, A Body Has Translatory Motion If It Moves Along A, A Ballis Thrown Vertically Upward. It Velocity At The Highest Point Is, A Train Is Moving At A Speed Of 36kmh-1. Its Speed Expressed In Ms-1 Is, A Car Starts From Rest. 1t Acquires A Speed Of 25 Ms-1 After 20 S. The Distance Moved By The Car During This Time Is:

Class 9 Physics Chapter 2 KINEMATICS MCQs TEST:

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Chapter 2 – Kinematics

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A car starts from rest. 1t acquires a speed of 25 ms-1 after 20 s. the distance moved by the car during this time is?

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A train is moving at a speed of 36kmh-1 . Its speed expressed in ms-1 is?

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A change in position is called?

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By dividing displacement of a moving body with time, we obtain?

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A straight line parallel to time-axis on a distance-time graph tells that the object is?

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If an object is moving with constant speed then its distance-time graph will be a straight line?

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Which of the following is a vector quantity?

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The motion of a body around an axis is called motion?

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A body has translatory motion if it moves along a?

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A ballis thrown vertically upward. It velocity at the highest point is?

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