Physics Class 10 Chapter 14 MCQs Test

Physics Class 10 Chapter 14 CURRENT ELECTRICITY MCQs related to If We Increase The Temperature Of A Conductor-Its Resistance Will, The Property Of A Substance Which Opposes The Flow Of Current Through It Is Called, The Graphical Representation Of Ohm’s Law Is, Thermistor Is, In Order To Measure The Current In A Circuit, Ammeter Should Be Connected, The Resistance Of An Ammeter Should Be, A Resistance Which Is Connected With The Galvanometer In Order To Convert It Into Ammeter Should Have, A Galvanometer Is A Very, If The Needle Of Galvanometer Shows Some Deflection, It Would Indicate The, The Electronic Current Is Due To The Flow Of, One Coulomb Per Second Is Equal To, Free Electrons Are, In Liquids And Gases-The Current Is Due To The Motion Of, The Current Through A Metallic Conductor Is Due To The Motion Of, Energy Is Produced To Transfer The Electrons From Positive Terminal Of The Battery To The Negative Terminal By The, The Equivalent Current Of Positive Charges Which Flows Through A Conductor Is Known As, The SI Unit Of Electric Current Is, The Rate Of Flow Of Electric Charge Through Any Cross-Sectional Area Is Called, In Electrolyte, Current Is Produced Due To The Flow Of, In Metals-Current Is Produced Only Due To The Flow Of:

10th Class Physics Chapter 14 CURRENT ELECTRICITY MCQs TEST:

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Chapter 14 – Current Electricity

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If we increase the temperature of a conductor, its resistance will?

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The property of a substance which opposes the flow of current through it is called?

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The graphical representation of Ohm’s law is?

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Thermistor is?

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In order to measure the current in a circuit, ammeter should be connected?

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The resistance of an ammeter should be?

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A resistance which is connected with the galvanometer in order to convert it into ammeter should have?

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A galvanometer is a very?

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If the needle of galvanometer shows some deflection, it would indicate the?

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The electronic current Is due to the flow of?

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One coulomb per second is equal to?

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Free electrons are?

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In liquids and gases, the current is due to the motion of?

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The current through a metallic conductor is due to the motion of?

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Energy is produced to transfer the electrons from positive terminal of the battery to the negative terminal by the?

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The equivalent current of positive charges which flows through a conductor is known as?

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The SI unit of electric current is?

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The rate of flow of electric charge through any cross-sectional area is called?

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In electrolyte, current is produced due to the flow of?

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In metals, current is produced only due to the flow of?

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