Physics class 10 chapter 10 MCQs Test

Physics class 10 chapter 10 SIMPLE HARMONIC MOTION AND WAVES MCQs notes are related to In Ball And Bowl System The Mean Position Is At ….., Ball And Bowl System Is An Example Of, In Ball And Bowl System The …… Force Act As Restoring Force, Kinetic Energy Is …… At Extreme Position, The Rato Of Exerted Force To Displacement Is Called, The Speed Of Mass…… At It Moves Towards The Extreme Position, Due To ……. The Mass Does Not Stop At The Mean Position But Continues Its Motion, The Mugnitue Of The Restoring Force……..With The Distance From The Mean Position, A ……Force Always Pushes Or Pulls The Object Performing Oscillatory Motion Towards The Mean Position, Force Exerted On The Body Is Always Directed……. The Displacement Of Mass, The Value Of Spring Constant In Case Of Soft Springs Is, The Value Of K Depends Upon …….. Of Spring, In F=Kx, K Indicates, The Maximum Potential Energy Of A Vibrating Mass Attached To A Spring Is At, The Force Applied On A Body Is Directly Proportional To The Change In Length. This Is, Motion Of Mass Attached To Spring Is An Example Of….. Motion, Vibration Is Also Known As, The Particles Of The Solid Can Vibrate About Their……, A Body Is Said To Be……. If It Moves Back And Forth About A Point, A Spider Detects Its Prey Due To……. Produced In The Web:


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Chapter 10 – Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves

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In ball and bowl system the mean position is at .....?

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Ball and bowl system Is an example of .......?

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In ball and bowl system the ...... force act as restoring force?

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Kinetic energy is ...... at extreme position?

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The rato of exerted force to displacement is called ......?

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The speed of mass...... at it moves towards the extreme position?

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Due to ....... the mass does not stop at the mean position but continues its motion?

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The mugnitue of the restoring force........with the distance from the mean position?

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A ......force always pushes or pulls the object performing oscillatory motion towards the mean position?

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Force exerted on the body is always directed....... the displacement of mass?

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The value of spring constant in case of soft springs is?

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The value of k depends upon ........ of spring?

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In F=kx, k indicates?

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The maximum potential energy of a vibrating mass attached to a spring is at?

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The force applied on a body is directly proportional to the change in length. This is?

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Motion of mass attached to spring is an example of..... motion?

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Vibration is also known as ?

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The particles of the solid can vibrate about their......?

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A body is said to be....... if it moves back and forth about a point?

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A spider detects its prey due to....... produced in the web?

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