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Partial Differential Equation MCQs Test

Partial Differential Equation MCQs deal with A Problem that Involves PDE And B.C Is, PDEs May Involve Variables, Region Is Always Closed In Which Case, How Many Types Of B.C, Formation Of PDEs By, U=A(X+Y) This Will Give PDEs, Which Of Them Describes The Vibration Of Stretched String, Canonical Form Is A Unique Way Of Representing, Boolean Function In Canonical Form, (Dy/Dx)=B/A Is Called The Characteristic Equation Of, YUxx+ Uyy=0 Is An Equation Of, The Partial Differential Equation 5 (∂^2 U)/(∂Y^2 )-Xy ∂U/∂X=0 Is Classified As, The Following PDE Is 3x^2 ∂U/∂Y+4y^2 ∂U/∂Y=6u, The Following Equation (∂^2 U)/(∂X^2 )+Y^2 (∂^2 U)/(∂Y^2 )=2x Is, Normality Of Function Is Denoted By, F(X)=Sinx+Cos3x Find Its Primitive Period, How Many Types Of Auxiliary Conditions, ∂U/∂X=G Is ……. B.C, Boundry Value Problem Is Taken As, U=F(X-Ct)+G(X+Ct) Gives:

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Partial Differential Equation MCQs

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A problem involves PDE and B.C is?

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PDEs may involve variables?

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Region is always closed in which case?

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How many types of B.C?

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Formation of PDEs by?

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U=a(x+y) this will give PDEs?

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Which of them describes the vibration of stretched string?

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Canonical form is a unique way of representing?

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Boolean function in canonical form?

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(dy/dx)=b/a is called the chractristic equation of?

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yUxx+ Uyy=0 is an equation of?

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The partial differential equation 5 (∂^2 u)/(∂y^2 )-xy ∂u/∂x=0 is classified as?

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The Following PDE is 3x^2 ∂u/∂y+4y^2 ∂u/∂y=6u?

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The Following equation (∂^2 u)/(∂x^2 )+y^2 (∂^2 u)/(∂y^2 )=2x is?

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Normality of function is denoted by?

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F(x)=sinx+cos3x find its primitive period?

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How many types of auxiliary conditions?

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∂u/∂x=g is ....... B.C?

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Boundry value problem is taken as?

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U=F(x-ct)+G(x+ct) gives?

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Partial Differential Equation MCQs with Answers 

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