Operating System Concepts MCQs of 85 plus Questions

Operating System basics MCQs, Operating System Services MCQs, Layered, Microkernels, Modules, Kernel and shells MCQs, System Boot , Process states, Process state diagram, Process Control Block, context switching, Queuing diagram, Scheduling criteria, scheduling mechanisms, Amount Of Time To Execute A Particular Process Is Called, Attempts To Keep Workload Evenly Distributed Is Called, A Special Register In The Processing Unit Called, The Most Common Multi-Processor Systems Now, As Processes Enter The System, They Are Put Into A, At System Boot Time-The Hardware Starts In …..Mode, A Program Does Nothing Unless Its Instructions Are Executed By A, The……Operating system Is An Example Of A Single-Tasking System, A Special Register In The Processing Unit Called, ….Integer Value Can Range Only Between 0 And 1, A……..Is A Collection Of Related Information Defined By Its Creator, The Trap Is Usually Caught By Adebugger, The …….. Is The Entity That Defines A Process To The Operating System, A….., In The Simplest Terms, Is A Communication Path Between two Or More Systems:

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Operating System Concepts MCQs

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Amount of time to execute a particular process is called....?

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Attempts to keep workload evenly distributed is called.......?

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A special register in the processing unit called....?

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The most common multi-processor systems now ....?

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As processes enter the system, they are put into a.....?

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At system boot time, the hardware starts in .....mode?

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A program does nothing unless its instructions are executed by a .....?

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A system task, such as sending outputto a printer, can also be a .....?

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The......operatingsystem is an example of a single-tasking system?

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A special register in the processing unit called .....?

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....integer value can range only between 0 and 1?

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A........is a collection of related information defined by its creator?

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The trap is usually caught by adebugger?

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The ........ is the entity that defines a process to the operating system?

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A....., in the simplest terms, is a communication path betweentwo or more systems?

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