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Modern Computer Algebra MCQs deal with In Rational Function P(X)/Q(X)-Q(X) =, The Functions F(X)= Π Is A-F(X) = X2/X Has A, Rationals Can Be, The Process Of Estimationg Y=F(X) Corresponding To N=G(X) Is Called, Third Degree Taylor Polynomial Is Called, The Necessary & Sufficient Condition For Choosing P Is, 11 Is A, If A=0 & B=1 Then Output Of OR Gate Will Be, Step-Wise Approach To Solve A Problem Is Called, A System Of Representing A Number In Mathematical Form Is Called, The Degree Of Polynomial Is Always, First Degree Taylor Polynomial For Sin X, Which Of The Following Error Is Already In The Statement, If In P(X)/Q(X), The Degree Of P(X)>Q(X) Then This Function Is Called, Every Polynomial Function Is, A Function Which Has Finite Number Of Poles Is Called, Which Of The Following Is The Statement Of Fermat Little Theorem,10 Is Called, A Collection Of 8 Bits Is Called:

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Modern Computer Algebra MCQs

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In Rational Function P(x)/Q(x) , Q(x) = ?

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The functions f(x)= π is a ?

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F(x) = X2/X has a ?

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Rationals can be ..........?

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The process of estimationg y=f(x) corresponding to n=g(x) is called?

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Third degree Taylor Polynomial is called?

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The necessary & sufficient condition for choosing p is?

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11 is a ?

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If A=0 & B=1 then output of OR Gate will be?

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Step-wise approach to solve a problem is called?

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A system of Representing a number in mathematical form is called?

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The Degree of Polynomial is always?

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First Degree Taylor Polynomial for sin x?

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Which of the following error is already in the statement?

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If in P(x)/q(x), the degree of p(x)>q(x) then this function is called?

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Every polynomial function is?

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A function which has finite number of poles is called?

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Which of the following is the statement of Fermat little theorem?

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10 is called ?

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A Collection of 8 bits is called?

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Modern Computer Algebra MCQs with Answers 

10 is called:

A. Base of binary system
B. Base of decimal system
C. Base of octal system
D. None
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B. Base of decimal system