Distributed Database Management Systems MCQs Test

Distributed Database Management Systems MCQs deal with System Failures Can Be Due To, The Search Space Represents The, The Property Of A Transaction That Persists All The Crashes Is, Banking Transactions Are Example Of, MTTF Stands For, Which Is The Following Is Not Property Of Transaction, Each Sub Query Executing At On Site Is, Disadvantage Of DDP Is, DDBMS Is A Combination Of, ROLLBACK Operation Is Performed In Which Language, Peer-To-Peer Distribution Is Also Called, Failure Can Be Due To An Error In The Transaction Caused By Incorrect, Which Guarantees That The Transaction Is Being Performed Successfully, DDB Have……. Processor Configuration, A Participant Can Time Out In …….. States, The Need For Updating Data In Multiple Sites Cause Problem Of, Data Security Includes, All Accesses To The Database Are Via The, Autonomy Refers To The, …….Makes The Transaction Permanent In The Database:

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Distributed Database Management Systems MCQs

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.......makes the transaction permanent in the database?

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System failures can be due to …...?

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The search space represents the........?

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The property of a transaction that persists all the crashes is?

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Banking transactions are example of?

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MTTF stands for?

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Which is the following is not property of transaction?

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Each sub query executing at on site is?

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Disadvantage of DDP is?

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DDBMS is a combination of.......?

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ROLLBACK operation is performed in which language?

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Peer-to-peer distribution is also called ........?

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Failure can be due to an error in the transaction caused by incorrect.......?

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Which guarantees that the transaction is being performed successfully?

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DDB have....... processor configuration?

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A participant can time out in ........ states?

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The need for updating data in multiple sites cause problem of?

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Data security includes .........?

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All accesses to the database are via the ........?

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Autonomy refers to the ........?

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Distributed Database Management Systems MCQs with Answers

Data security includes _________.

A. Data protection and access control
B. Password protection
C. Both
D. None
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A. Data protection and access control