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Data Communication MCQs deal with Signal Does Not Change With Respect To Time Has, …….. Depicts The Position Of Cycle With Respect To Time, 1 Degree Is, Bit Rate Is Equivalent To, 90 Degree Is Equivalent To…….Of Cycle, Bits At Each Level Is Calculated With, Layer That Route And Add Address Along With Message, Data Can Be Arranged In Segments At, Packets Can Be Transformed Into Frames At ……. Layer, Each Layer Use Services Of Upper Layer And Provide Its Services To Lower Layer, Peer To Peer Protocol Is Implemented At, Header Is ……. When Data Moves From Layer 4 To Layer 5, ISO Is An Abbreviation Of, Receiver Side Network Link Layer Unwrapped, Data Movement Between Layers Is Possible Due To, Last 3 Layers Are Related To:

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Data Communication MCQs

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Signal does not change with respect to time has?

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........ depicts the position of cycle with respect to time?

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1 degree is?

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Bit rate is equivalent to?

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90 degree is equivalent to.......of cycle?

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Bits at each level is calculated with?

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Layer that route and add address along with message?

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Data can be arranged in segments at ........?

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Packets can be transformed into frames at ....... layer?

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Each layer use services of upper layer and provide its services to lower layer?

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Peer to peer protocol is implemented at?

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Header is ....... when data moves from layer 4 to layer 5?

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ISO is an abbreviation of .........?

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Receiver side network link layer unwrapped?

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Data movement between layers is possible due to?

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Last 3 layers are related to?

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Data Communication MCQs with Answers 

ISO is an abbreviation of __________.

A. International Structure Organization
B. Institute of System Organization
C. International Standard Office
D. None of the above
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D. None of the above