Chemistry class 9 chapter 4 MCQs Test

Chemistry class 9 chapter 4 STRUCTURE OF MOLECULES MCQs related to Which One Of The Following Is The Weakest Force Among The Atoms, Identify Which Pair Has Polar Covalent Bonds, Which One Of The Following Is An Electron Deficient Molecule, Identify The Compound Which Is Not Soluble In Water, Which Pair Of The Molecules Has Same Type Of Covalent Bonds, Triple Covalent Bond Involves How Many Number Of Electrons, How Many Covalent Bonds Does C2H2 Molecule Have, Covalent Bond Involves The, Ice Floats On Water Because, Which Of The Following Compounds Is Not Directional In Its Bonding, Transfer Of Electrons Between Atoms Results In, When An Electronegative Element Combines With Electropositive Clement The Type Of Bonding Is, A Bond Formed Between Two Non-Metals Is Expected To Be, A Bond Pair In Covalent Molecules Usually Has, Octet Rule Is , Considering The Electronic Configuration Of Atoms Which Atom With The Given Atomic Number Will Be The Most Stable One, An Atom Having Six Electrons In Its Valence Shell Will Achieve Noble Gas Electronic Configuration By, Atoms React With Each Other Because:

9th Class Chemistry Chapter 4 STRUCTURE OF MOLECULES MCQs TEST:

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Chapter 4 – Structure of Molecules

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Which one of the following is the weakest force among the atoms?

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Identify which pair has polar covalent bonds?

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Which one of the following is an electron deficient molecule?

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Identify the compound which is not soluble in water?

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Which pair of the molecules has same type of covalent bonds?

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Triple covalent bond involves how many number of electrons?

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How many covalent bonds does C2H2 molecule have?

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Covalent bond involves the ?

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Ice floats on water because?

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Which of the following compounds is not directional in its bonding?

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Transfer of electrons between atoms results in?

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When an electronegative element combines with electropositive clement the type of bonding is?

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A bond formed between two non-metals is expected to be?

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A bond pair in covalent molecules usually has?

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Octet rule is ?

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Considering the electronic configuration of atoms which atom with the given atomic number will be the most stable one?

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An atom having six electrons in its valence shell will achieve noble gas electronic configuration by?

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Atoms react with each other because?

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