Biology Class 9 Chapter 2 MCQs Test

Class 9 Biology Chapter 2 SOLVING A BIOLOGICAL PROBLEM MCQs Related To The Word “Mala” Means, The Word Malaria Is Derived From Which Language, Physicians Were Familiar With Malaria…… Years Ago, Is Most Basic Step Of Biological Method, “If I Examine Cells From A Blade Of Grass-Then Each One Will Have A Nucleus”. This Statement Is, A Proposition That Might Be True, The Tentative Explanation Of Observation Is Called, Which One Of The Following In Not The Characteristic Of A Good Hypothesis, Logical Consequence Drawn From Hypothesis, In Biological Method The Next Step Of Hypothesis Is Called, The Problem Related To Living Organisms, Quantitative Observations Are Considered, The Freezing Point Of Water, Weight Of One Kilogram Of Water, Weight Of One Kilogram Of Ethanol, The Scientific Method In Which Biological Problems Are Solved Is Called, Era Of Biological Method In Scientific Research, Biological Method Has Been Playing An Important Role For The Last, Biological Method Comprises Of…… Steps, Galileo Performed His Experiments In, Scientists That Use Scientific Method To Make New Theories:



Chapter 2 – Solving A Biological Problem

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The word “mala” means?

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The word Malaria is derived from which language?

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Physicians were familiar with malaria...... years ago?

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Is most basic step of biological method?

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“If I examine cells from a blade of grass, then each one will have a nucleus”. This statement is?

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A proposition that might be true?

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The tentative explanation of observation is called?

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Which one of the following in not the characteristic of a good hypothesis?

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Logical consequence drawn from hypothesis?

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In biological method the next step of hypothesis is called?

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The problem related to living organisms?

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Quantitative observations are considered?

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The freezing point of water?

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Weight of one kilogram of water?

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Weight of one kilogram of ethanol?

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The scientific method in which biological problems are solved is called?

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Era of Biological method in scientific research?

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Biological method has been playing an important role for the last?

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Biological Method comprises of...... steps?

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Galileo performed his experiments in?

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Scientists that use scientific method to make new theories?