Biology Class 10 Chapter 14 MCQs Test

Biology Class 10 Chapter 14 REPRODUCTION MCQs related to Buttercup Is An Example Of, Flowers Of Wind Pollination Produce, Which Method Of Propagation Is Also Called Micro-Propagation, Which Of Followings Reproduces By Bulbs, Spores Which Are Formed Inside Bacterial Cells Are Called, In………, The Buds Do Not Detach From The Parent Body, During Binary Fission-How Many Cells Are Formed, In Tissue Culture Technique-Cell Starts Mitosis And Produce Masses Of Cells Called, The Eggs Of The Honeybee Remain Unfertilized And Develops Into Haploid Males By, In Fungi-The Spore Is Covered By A Thick Wall Called, If A Planarian Breaks Into Many Pieces Instead Of Two-It Will Be Called, During Binary Fission-The Nucleus Of Parent Organism Divides Into Two By, Which Of These Cell Has Haploid Number Of Chromosomes, Inside Testes-Sperms Are Produced In, Which Part Of Female Reproductive System Receives Egg Cells From The Ovary, After Fertilization In Plants-The Fruit Develops From, Pollination Is The Transfer Of Pollens From, A Corm Develops Into New Garlic Plant-This Is The Process Of, Rhizopus Reproduces Asexually By, Growing An Entire New Plant From Part Of The Original Plant Is Called:

10th Class Biology Chapter 14 REPRODUCTION MCQs TEST:


Chapter 14 – Reproduction

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Buttercup is an example of?

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Flowers of wind pollination produce?

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Which method of propagation is also called micro-propagation?

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Which of followings reproduces by bulbs?

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Spores which are formed inside bacterial cells are called?

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In........., the buds do not detach from the parent body?

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During binary fission, how many cells are formed?

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In tissue culture technique, cell starts mitosis and produce masses of cells called?

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The eggs of the honeybee remain unfertilized and develops into haploid males by?

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In fungi, the spore is covered by a thick wall called?

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If a planarian breaks into many pieces instead of two, it will be called?

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During binary fission, the nucleus of parent organism divides into two by?

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Which of these cell has haploid number of chromosomes?

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Inside testes, sperms are produced in?

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Which part of female reproductive system receives egg cells from the ovary?

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After fertilization in plants, the fruit develops from?

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Pollination is the transfer of pollens from?

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A corm develops into new garlic plant. This is the process of?

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Rhizopus reproduces asexually by?

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Growing an entire new plant from part of the original plant is called?

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