Biology Class 10 Chapter 11 MCQs Test

Biology Class 10 Chapter 11 HOMEOSTASIS  MCQs related to A Method For Removing Stones In Which Non-Electrical Shock Waves Are Bombarded On Stones Is Called, By Drinking Plenty Of Water How Many Stones Can Be Avoided, The Typical Volume Of Urine Produced By An Average Adult Per Day Is, Which Of Following Are Not Filtered Through Glomerular Capillaries, U-Shaped Part Of Renal Tubule Is Called, The Depression Near The Centre Of Concave Area Of Kidney Is Called, Organs Which Work For Homeostasis Are, Cacti Are Examples Of, Resins Are Removed By, Calcium Oxalate Is Deposited In The Form Of Crystals In The Leaves And Stems Of, Core Temperature Of Human Body Remains At About-Which Would NOT Be Present In The Filtrate Entering The Bowman’s Capsule Of Nephron, During Peritoneal Dialysis, The Waste Materials Move From, What Waste Products Are Excreted By Kidneys, What Is The Function Of The Ureter, Which Is The Correct Order For The Path Taken By Urine After It Leaves The Kidneys, Body Balance Of Water-Salts- Temperature And Glucose Is Termed As, The Tube Between Kidney And Urinary Bladder Is The, Which Organ Is Responsible For Filtering The Blood, The Human Urinary System Consists Of:

10th Class Biology Chapter 11 HOMEOSTASIS MCQs TEST:


Chapter 11 – Homeostasis

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A method for removing stones in which non-electrical shock waves are bombarded on stones is called?

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By drinking plenty of Water how many stones can be avoided?

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The typical volume of urine produced by an average adult per day is?

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Which of following are not filtered through glomerular capillaries?

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U-shaped part of renal tubule is called?

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The depression near the centre of concave area of kidney is called?

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Organs which work for homeostasis are?

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Cacti are examples of?

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Resins are removed by?

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Calcium oxalate is deposited in the form of crystals in the leaves and stems of?

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Core temperature of human body remains at about?

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During peritoneal dialysis, the waste materials move from?

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Which would NOT be present in the filtrate entering the Bowman’s capsule of nephron?

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What waste products are excreted by Kidneys?

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What is the function of the ureter?

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Which is the correct order for the path taken by urine after it leaves the kidneys?

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Body balance of water, salts, temperature and glucose is termed as?

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The tube between kidney and urinary bladder is the?

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Which organ is responsible for filtering the blood?

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The human urinary system consists of?