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Artificial Intelligence MCQs related to In Decision Tree Each Leaf Node Represent, Naive Bayes Solve Which Type Of Problems, Which Variable Or Which Feature Best Splits The Data, Why Random Forest, Box-Plot Is Mainly Used In, The First Layer Of Deep Learning Is Known As, A Single Layer Perceptron Is, A Very Important Concept Of The Multiple Layer Perceptron Is, Training A Neural Network Is All About, Which Method Is Used To Reduced The Error / Loss In The Network, For Scaling Which Method Is Used, Breaking A Complex Sentences Into Words Is Called, Normalizing Words Into Its Base Form Is Known As, The Morphological Analysis Of Words Is Done ByIn Decision Tree Root Node Represent:

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Artificial Intelligence MCQs

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In decision tree each leaf node represent?

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Naive bayes solve which type of problems?

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Which variable or which feature best splits the data?

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Why random forest?

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Box-plot is mainly used in?

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The first layer of deep learning is known as?

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A single layer perceptron is?

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A very important concept of the multiple layer perceptron is?

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Training a neural network is all about?

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Which method is used to reduced the error / loss in the network?

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For scaling which method is used?

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Breaking a complex sentences into words is called?

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Normalizing words into its base form is known as?

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The morphological analysis of words is done by?

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In decision tree root node represent?

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