Advanced Object Oriented Programming MCQs Test

Advanced Object Oriented Programming MCQs deal with Which Of These Keywords Is Used To Make A Class, …….. Is Used To Find And Fix Bugs In The Java Programs, What Is It Called If An Object Has Its Own Lifecycle And There Is No Owner, Which Of The Following Is Not An Enterprise Beans Type, Which Of These Selection Statements Test Only For Equality, Java Beans Are Extremely Secured, Which Of The Below Is Invalid Identifier With The Main Method, Which Of The Following Leads To High Network Traffic, What Is The Extension Of Java Code Files, What Is The Extension Of Compiled Java Classes, When Does Method Overloading Is Determined, Which Of The Following Is Not Oops Concept In Java, Which Of The Following Is A Method Having Same Name As That Of It’s Class, What Is The Return Type Of Constructors, The Node Class Of The Package……Represents A Node In Javafx, Garbage Collection Can Be Controlled By A Program:

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Advanced Object Oriented Programming MCQs

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Which of these keywords is used to make a class?

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........ is used to find and fix bugs in the java programs?

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What is it called if an object has its own lifecycle and there is no owner?

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Which of the following is not an enterprise beans type?

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Which of these selection statements test only for equality?

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Java beans are extremely secured?

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Which of the below is invalid identifier with the main method?

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Which of the following leads to high network traffic?

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What is the extension of java code files?

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What is the extension of compiled java classes?

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When does method overloading is determined?

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Which of the following is not oops concept in java?

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Which of the following is a method having same name as that of it’s class?

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What is the return type of constructors?

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The node class of the package......represents a node in javafx?

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Garbage collection can be controlled by a program?

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Advanced Object Oriented Programming MCQs with Answers

Gridpane created, how we can set padding.

A. Gridpane.setpadding(insets(10, 10, 10, 10));
B. Gridpane.padding(new insets(10, 10, 10, 10));
C. Gridpane.padding(10, 10, 10, 10);
D. None
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D. None

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