Chemistry Class 10 Chapter 11 MCQs With 3 Test

Chemistry Class 10 Chapter 11 MCQs test 1 related to Amount Of Carbon Content In Lignite Is, The Removal Of Terminal Hydrogen From The Straight Chain Of Propane Is Called, The Molecular Formula Of Pentane Is, Which Of The Following Are Derived From Alkanes, Vitamins Are Found In, Name The Gas Which Is Not Found In Coal Gas, Functional Group ……….OH Is Found In, Perfumes Contain, Functional Group C-O-C Is Found In, CH3-O-CH3 Is Called, The Capability Of Carbon Atom To Form Chain Is Known As, The Branch Of Chemistry Which Deals With Hydrocarbons And Their Derivatives Are Called, Alkanes Are Also Called, How Many Carbons Are Present In Heptanes, The Chemical Formula Of Octane Is, Alkyl Radical Is Represented As, Coal Consists Of………Types, Organic Compounds Have, Dead Plants Produce All Of These Products Except, Which One Contains Double Bond:

10th Class Chemistry Chapter 11 Organic Chemistry MCQs TEST 1:


Chapter 11 – Organic Chemistry Test 1

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Amount of carbon content in lignite is?

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The removal of terminal hydrogen from the straight chain of propane is called?

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The molecular formula of pentane is?

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Which of the following are derived From alkanes?

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Vitamins are found in?

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Name the gas which is not found in coal gas?

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Functional group ..........OH is found in?

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Perfumes contain?

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Functional group C-O-C is found in?

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CH3-O-CH3 is called?

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The capability of carbon atom to form chain is known as?

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The branch of Chemistry which deals with hydrocarbons and their derivatives are called?

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Alkanes are also called?

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How many carbons are present in Heptanes?

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The chemical formula of octane is?

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Alkyl Radical is represented as?

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Coal consists of.........types?

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Organic compounds have?

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Dead plants produce all of these products except?

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Which one contains double bond?

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Chemistry Class 10 Chapter 11 MCQs test 2 deal with Which One Contains Triple Bond, Functional Group Containing Carbon-Hydrogen And Halogens Are, Functional Group Containing – NH2 Are Called, The Vital Force Theory Suffered Rejection In, How Many Types Of Formula Of Organic Compound, Formula Which Represents The Actual Number Of Atoms In One Molecule Of Organic Compound Is, Condensed Form Of Propane Is, A Benzene Ring Is Made Of Carbon Atoms, C-C Bond Is Stronger Than, Number Of Isomers Increases With Increase In Number Of Atoms, Inorganic Compounds Are Obtained From, Coal Tar Is A Mixture Of More Than Organic Compounds, Which One Is Used As Reducing Agent, The Basic Unit Of Carbohydrates Is, Organic Compounds Are Soluble In:

10th Class Chemistry Chapter 11 Organic Chemistry MCQs TEST 2:


Chapter 11 – Organic Chemistry Test 2

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Which one contains triple bond?

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Functional group containing carbon, hydrogen and halogens are?

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Functional group containing – NH2 are called?

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The vital force theory suffered rejection in?

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How many types of formula of organic compound?

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Formula which represents the actual number of atoms in one molecule of organic compound is?

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Condensed form of propane is?

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A benzene ring is made of carbon atoms?

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C-C bond is stronger than?

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Number of isomers increases with increase in number of atoms?

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Inorganic compounds are obtained from?

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Coal tar is a mixture of more than organic compounds?

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Which one is used as reducing agent?

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The basic unit of carbohydrates is?

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Organic compounds are soluble in?

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Chemistry Class 10 Chapter 11 MCQs test 3 prepared for Geraniol Consists Of…………Functional Group, Organic Compound Consisting Of “RCOOR” Functional Group Is Called, Homologous Series Have Same, Which One Provide Inert Atmosphere In Metallurgy Process, Which One Is Soft Coal, The Main Component Of Natural Gas Is, Which One Is Main Source Of Organic Compound, Natural Gas Is Used To Make, It Represents Group Of Atoms Joined Together To Each Carbon Atom, Esters Are Recognized By Their, Paraffins Means, Which Type Of Coal Is Used As House Hold Coal:

10th Class Chemistry Chapter 11 Organic Chemistry MCQs TEST 3:


Chapter 11 – Organic Chemistry Test 3

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Geraniol consists of............functional group?

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Organic compound consisting of “RCOOR” functional group is called?

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Homologous series have same?

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Which one provide inert atmosphere in metallurgy process?

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Which one is soft coal?

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The main component of natural gas is?

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Which one is main source of organic compound?

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Natural gas is used to make?

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It represents group of atoms joined together to each carbon atom?

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Esters are recognized by their?

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Paraffins means?

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Which type of coal is used as house hold coal?

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