Biology Class 9 MCQs

9th Class Biology Book has a total of 9 Biology Chapters for the Science group students. The important question of Biology class 9 with MCQs is solved for the biology guide for class 9. Class ix biology MCQs are prepared as per the class 9 biology past papers. 9th Class Biology full book test makes you always ready for the Board Exams. 9th Standard Biology selected by those students who want to select Medical field in Future life. MCQs type online test of all 9th class biology lessons are given for the biology class ninth students:

9th Class Biology Book MCQs:

1. Introduction To Biology

2. Solving A Biological Problem

3. Biodiversity

4. Cells And Tissues

5. Cell Cycle

6. Enzymes

7. Bioenergetics

8. Nutrition

9. Transport