Biology Class 9 Chapter 6 MCQs Test

Class 9 Biology Chapter 6 ENZYMES MCQs Related To Number Of Discovered Enzymes So Far, When There Is An Increase In Temperature, The Rate Of Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions, The Optimum Temperature For The Maximum Working Speed Of Human Enzymes Is, Which Enzymes Are Used In Dish Washing To Remove Resistant Starch Residues, The Enzymes Used For The Removal Of Protein Stains From Clothes, The Catalytic Region Of Enzyme Is Called, If Organic Cofactors Are Tightly Bound To Enzyme, They Are Called, If Organic Cofactors Are Loosely Attached With Enzyme, They Are Called, Which One Is An Organic Cofactor, Which Of The Following Vitamins Act As Coenzyme, To Which Group Of Molecules Enzymes Belong, The Molecules On Which Enzymes Act Are Called, Almost All The Enzymes Are, When The Term Enzyme Was Used For The First Time, Who First Time Used The Term Enzyme, Chemically Enzymes Are, Which Of The Following Is Not True About Enzymes, The Concept Of Metabolism Was First Of All Given By, The Term Metabolism Is Derived From The Greek Words Means, The Term Metabolism Is Derived From:

9th Class Biology Chapter 6 ENZYMES MCQs TEST:


Chapter 6 – Enzymes

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Number of discovered enzymes so far?

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When there is an increase in temperature, the rate of enzyme catalyzed reactions?

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The optimum temperature for the maximum working speed of human enzymes is?

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Which enzymes are used in dish washing to remove resistant starch residues?

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The enzymes used for the removal of protein stains from clothes?

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The catalytic region of enzyme is called?

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If organic cofactors are tightly bound to enzyme, they are called?

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If organic cofactors are loosely attached with enzyme, they are called?

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Which one is an organic cofactor?

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Which of the following vitamins act as coenzyme?

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To which group of molecules enzymes belong?

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The molecules on which enzymes act are called?

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Almost all the enzymes are?

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When the term enzyme was used for the first time?

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Who first time used the term enzyme?

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Chemically enzymes are?

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Which of the following is not true about enzymes?

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The concept of metabolism was first of all given by?

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The term Metabolism is derived from the Greek words means?

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The term metabolism is derived from?

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