Biology Class 9 Chapter 5 MCQs Test

Class 9 Biology Chapter 5 CELL CYCLE MCQs Related To Complete Set Of Spindle Fibers Is Known As, Which Of The Following Is The Longest Phase Of Karyokinesis, During Mitosis One Cell Divides Into Daughter Cells, Mitosis Consist Of Phases, The Division Of Nucleus Is Called, The Division Of Cytoplasm, Prokaryotic Cells Undergo A Process Similar To Mitosis Called, Who Discovered Mitosis, Mitosis Was Discovered In, The Cells That Do Not Enter GO Phase And Continue To Divide Through Out An Organism’s Life, At Which Stage Of Cell Cycle Cell Stop Dividing, The Phase Of Inter Phase In Which Cell Prepares Proteins For Mitosis, In Which Phase Cell Duplicates Its Chromosomes, In Which Stage Of Cell Cycle, The Cell Is Preparing Enzymes For Chromosomes Duplication, During G1 Phase, Which Of The Following Is The Longest Phase In Cell Cycle, Interphase S Divided Into How Many Phases, During Interphase, The Major Phases Of Cell Cycle Are, The Series Of Events From The Time A Cell Is Produced Until It Completes Mitosis And Produces New Cells:

9th Class Biology Chapter 5 CELL CYCLE MCQs TEST:


Chapter 5 – Cell Cycle

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Complete set of spinde fibers is known as?

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Which of the following is the longest phase of karyokinesis?

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During mitosis one cell divides into daughter cells?

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Mitosis consist of phases?

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The division of nucleus is called?

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The division of cytoplasm?

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Prokaryotic cells undergo a process similar to mitosis called?

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Who discovered mitosis?

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Mitosis was discovered in?

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The cells that do not enter GO phase and continue to divide through out an organism’s life?

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At which stage of cell cycle cell stop dividing?

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The phase of inter phase in which cell prepares proteins for mitosis?

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In which phase cell duplicates its chromosomes?

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In which stage of cell cycle, the cell is preparing enzymes for chromosomes duplication?

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During G1 phase?

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Which of the following is the longest phase in cell cycle?

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Interphase s divided into how many phases?

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During interphase?

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The major phases of cell cycle are?

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The series of events from the time a cell is produced until it completes mitosis and produces new cells?

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