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Biology Class 9 Chapter 4 MCQs Test

Class 9 Biology Chapter 4 CELLS AND TISSUES MCQs Related To The Cell Wall Of Prokaryotes Is Made Up Of, In The Cell Wall Of Plants, The Chemical Present Is, The Type Of Microscope Used To Study The Detailed Structure Of A Mitochondria In The Cell Of Human Liver, The Cell Wall Of Fungi Is Made Up Of, A German Botanist Who Studied Plant Tissues And Made The First Statement Of Cell Theory, Who Proposed That All Living Cells Arise From Pre-Existing Cells, Who Discovered Nucleus In The Cell, Cells Were First Described By A British Scientist, Which Type Of Microscope Is Used To Study The Surface Texture Of Human Hair, The Microscope Used To Study The Changes In The Shape Of A Human White Blood Cells, Which Type Of Microscope Is Better To Study The Movement Of Amoeba, The Resolution Of Electron Microscope Is, The Magnification Of An Electron Microscope, A Photograph Taken Through A Microscope, The Resolution Of Light Microscope Is, The Magnification Of A Light Microscope, The Resolution Of Human Eye, The Measure Of The Clarity Of An Image Is Called, The Increase In The Apparent Size Of An Object, The First Compound Microscope Was Developed By:

9th Class Biology Chapter 4 CELLS AND TISSUES MCQs TEST:


Chapter 4 – Cells and Tissues

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The cell wall of prokaryotes is made up of?

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In the cell wall of plants, the chemical present is?

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The type of microscope used to study the detailed structure of a mitochondria in the cell of human liver?

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The cell wall of fungi is made up of?

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A German botanist who studied plant tissues and made the first statement of cell theory?

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Who proposed that all living cells arise from pre-existing cells?

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Who discovered nucleus in the cell?

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Cells were first described by a British scientist?

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Which type of microscope is used to study the surface texture of human hair?

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The microscope used to study the changes in the shape of a human white blood cells?

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Which type of microscope is better to study the movement of Amoeba?

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The resolution of electron microscope is?

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The magnification of an electron microscope?

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A photograph taken through a microscope?

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The resolution of light microscope is?

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The magoification of a light microscope?

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The Resolution of human eye?

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The measure of the clarity of an image is called?

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The increase in the apparent size of an object?

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The first compound microscope was developed by?

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