Biology Class 9 Chapter 3 MCQs Test

Class 9 Biology Chapter 3 BIODIVERSITY MCQs Related To Divided Plants Into Fifteen Groups And Called Them “Genera”, The Animal Unable To Reproduce Is, The Cross Between A Male Donkey And A Female Horse Produces, The Smallest Taxon Of Taxonomy Is, Who Introduced The System Of Classification Of Organisms For The First Time, A Group Of Related Species Is, The Order Of Pea Plant, The Family Of Human Being, The Order Of Human According To Classification Is, The Basic Unit Of Classification, A Family Is A Group Of Related, A Genus Is A Group Of Related, A Related Group Of Genera Comprises, A Class Is A Group Of Related, Which Of The Following Is Highest Taxon Of Classification, The Branch Of Biology Which Deals With Classification And Traces The Evolutionary History Of Organisms, Biodiversity Found On Earth Today Is The Result Of How Many Years Of Evolution, The Animals Present In A Particular Region, The Plants Present In A Particular Region, How Many Kinds Of Organisms Inhabit The Earth:

9th Class Biology Chapter 3 BIODIVERSITY MCQs TEST:


Chapter 3 – Biodiversity

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Divided plants into fifteen groups and called them "genera" ?

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The animal unable to reproduce is?

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The cross between a male donkey and a female horse produces?

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The smallest taxon of taxonomy is?

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Who introduced the system of classification of organisms for the first time?

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A group of related species is?

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The order of pea plant?

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The family of human being?

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The order of human according to classification is?

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The basic unit of classification?

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A family is a group of related?

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A genus is a group of related?

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A related group of genera comprises?

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A class is a group of related?

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Which of the following is highest taxon of classification?

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The branch of Biology which deals with classification and traces the evolutionary history of organisms?

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Biodiversity found on earth today is the result of how many years of evolution?

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The animals present in a particular region?

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The plants present in a particular region?

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How many kinds of organisms inhabit the earth?

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