Biology Class 10 Chapter 13 MCQs Test

Biology Class 10 Chapter 13 SUPPORT AND MOVEMENT MCQs related to When The Reproductive Cycle Stops In Female……….. Hormone Is Less Produced, When A Muscle Contracts-Pair Of Skeletal Muscles Are Called, The Point Of Attachment Which Is Pulled Is Called, Muscles Can Only, Which Joints Allow No Movement, ……….Is The Smallest Bone In Our Body, ………Is The Longest Bone In Our Body, Vesalius Was Born In, Babies Are Born With About………Soft Bones, In Our Body Skeleton Works Very Closely With The……… System, The Skeletal System Outside The Body Is Called, There Are ……… Types Of Joints, The Purpose Of Rib Cage Is To, How Would You Define Skeletal System, What Do Some Bones Produce, What Are The Main Components Of A Bone, How Many Bones Make Our Skill, The Disorders In Which There Is An Accumulation Of Uric Acid In Joints, All These Are The Pats Of Axial Skeleton Of Humans Except, Find The Ball-And-Socket Joint:

10th Class Biology Chapter 13 SUPPORT AND MOVEMENT MCQs TEST:


Chapter 13 – Support and Movement

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When the reproductive cycle stops in female........... hormone is less produced?

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When a muscle contracts, the point of attachment which is pulled is called?

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Pair of skeletal muscles are called?

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Muscles can only?

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Which joints allow no movement?

6 / 20 the smallest bone in our body?

7 / 20 the longest bone in our body?

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Vesalius was born in?

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Babies are born with about.........soft bones?

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In our body skeleton works very closely with the.........system?

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The skeletal system outside the body is called?

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There are ......... types of joints?

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The purpose of rib cage is to?

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How would you define skeletal system?

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What do some bones produce?

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What are the main components of a bone?

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How many bones make our skill?

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The disorders in which there is an accumulation of uric acid in joints?

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All these are the pats of axial skeleton of humans except?

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Find the ball-and-socket joint?

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