Biology Class 10 Chapter 12 MCQs Test

Biology Class 10 Chapter 12 COORDINATION AND CONTROL MCQs related to Ibn-Al-Haytham Is Famous For His Book Of, The Sensory Part Of Ear Is, The Sensory Layer Of Eye Is, Nucleus And Cytoplasm Of Neuron Is Located In, The Nervous System Consists Of Billions Of Neurons And, The Structural And Functional Unit Of Nervous System Is, The Organs Which Are Specifically Built To Detect Particular Type Of Stimulus Are Called, A Coordinated Action Has Components, Ali Ibn-E-Isa’s Book On Study Of Diseases And Surgery Of Eye Is, The Pathway Followed By The Nerve Impulses For Producing A Reflex Action Is Called, The Elongation Of Eye-Ball Results In? All Of These Are Hormones Except, Insulin And Glucagon Are Produced In The, This Is Not A Part Of The Hindbrain, The Myelin Sheath Is Formed By ………… Which Wrap Around The Axons Of Some Neurons, Apart From Hearing-What Other Major Body Function Is Performed By The Ear, The Part Of The Brain Responsible For Muscle Movement, Interpretation Of The Senses And The Memory Is The,  Which Neurons Are Present Inside The Central Nervous System, The Portion Of The Nervous System That Is Involuntary In Action:

10th Class Biology Chapter 12 COORDINATION AND CONTROL MCQs TEST:


Chapter 12 – Coordination and Control

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Ibn-al-Haytham is famous for his book of?

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The sensory part of ear is?

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The sensory layer of eye is?

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Nucleus and cytoplasm of neuron is located in?

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The nervous system consists of billions of neurons and?

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The structural and functional unit of nervous system is?

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The organs which are specifically built to detect particular type of stimulus are called?

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A coordinated action has components?

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Ali Ibn-e-Isa’s book on study of diseases and surgery of eye is?

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The pathway followed by the nerve impulses for producing a reflex action is called?

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The elongation of eye-ball results in?

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All of these are hormones except?

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Insulin and glucagon are produced in the?

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This is not a part of the hindbrain?

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The myelin sheath is formed by ............which wrap around the axons of some neurons?

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Apart from hearing, what other major body function is performed by the ear?

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The part of the brain responsible for muscle movement, interpretation of the senses and the memory is the?

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Which neurons are present inside the central nervous system?

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The portion of the nervous system that is involuntary in action?

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Processes that carry nerve impulses away from the cell body are called?

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