Biology Class 10 Chapter 10 MCQs Test

Biology Class 10 Chapter 10 GASEOUS EXCHANGE MCQs related to Most Of The Gaseous Exchange In A Leaf Occurs Through, How Many Bronchi Are There In The Air Passageway, When The “World No Tobacco Day” Is Celebrated, Which One Is The Form Of Allergy, Pneumonia Is An Infection Of-In Which Of The Following Disease-The Patient Has Usually Lost 50% To 70% Of His/ Her Lung Tissue When Symptoms Appears, Cough- Mild Wheezing-Fever-Chills And Shortness Of Breath (Especially When Doing Hard Job) Are Symptoms Of, Amount Of Nitrogen In Expired Air Is, Amount Of Carbon Dioxide In Inspired Air Is, Amount Of Oxygen In Expired Air Is, During Exercise Or Other Hard Physical Works The Breathing Rate May Increase Up To, The Normal Breathing Rate In Human Being Is, Which Of The Following Is Called Voice Box, How Many Lobes Are Present In Right Lung, How Many Pairs Of Ribs Are There In Humans, C-Shaped Cartilagenous Rings Are Present In The Wall Of, The Length Of Trachea Is, In Humans And Other Higher Animals-The Exchange Of Gases Is Carried Out By, In Which Of The Following Gaseous Exchange Occurs Through Stomata, What Type Of Blood Vessels Surrounds The Alveoli, Which Process Does Not Occur In The Nasal Cavity, A Disease Involving The Breakdown Of Air Sacs Of The Lungs Is, The Primary Chemical Stimulus For Breathing Is The Concentration Of, Which Structure Actively Helps In Taking The Air Out Of Lungs, Where Does The Gaseous Exchange Occur In Humans:

10th class Biology Chapter 10 GASEOUS EXCHANGE MCQs TEST:


Chapter 10 – Gaseous Exchange

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Most of the gaseous exchange in a leaf occurs through?

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How many bronchi are there in the air passageway?

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When the “World No Tobacco Day” is celebrated?

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Which one is the form of allergy?

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Pneumonia is an infection of?

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In which of the following disease, the patient has usually lost 50% to 70% of his/ her lung tissue when symptoms appears?

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Cough, mild wheezing, fever, chills and shortness of breath (especially when doing hard job) are symptoms of?

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Amount of nitrogen in expired air is?

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Amount of carbon dioxide in inspired air is?

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Amount of oxygen in expired air is?

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During exercise or other hard physical works the breathing rate may increase up to?

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The normal breathing rate in human being is?

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Which of the following is called voice box?

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How many lobes are present in right lung?

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How many pairs of ribs are there in humans?

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C-shaped cartilagenous rings are present in the wall of?

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The length of trachea is?

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In humans and other higher animals, the exchange of gases is carried out by?

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In which of the following gaseous exchange occurs through stomata?

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What type of blood vessels surrounds the alveoli?

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Which process does not occur in the nasal cavity?

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A disease involving the breakdown of air sacs of the lungs is?

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The primary chemical stimulus for breathing is the concentration of?

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Which structure actively helps in taking the air out of lungs?

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Where does the gaseous exchange occur in humans?

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